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Handmade Oil Painting   
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    JUNE 8, 2013-USA-Currently, there are two main types of canvas or oil painting on the market which are the original oil paintings and commodity paintings which are known as the canvas printing. As we all know, most of the the original oil paintings are created by professional painter who had ever accepted the professional art education. The original canvas has high artistic value and collection value. On the other hand, the original canvas is also the hot investing point at current time. The producing of the canvas painting is for photo to canvas. Nowadays, the cheap canvas prints are consists of three products the pure hand-painted oil painting, coloring painting and the inkjet canvas. However, this kind of canvas printing dropship is very popular in the home decoration market.

    The painting expert from website , which is the best website for canvas printing dropship, has told us that the appearing of the photo to canvas has resulted in the great impact on the traditional hand painting during recent years. If you pay more attention to the value of artistic, appreciate and collection, the original oil painting would have the irreplaceable position in this area. For this kind of situation, we would give your some advice about how to identify the difference between the original painting and cheap canvas prints.
    Original oil paintings have included some painter's works which are very famous in the world of art. Of course, many of these works would be priced relatively high. So, the ordinary families could choose a number of works from college¡¯s students and teachers.  The price of their work is relatively low and these people have a more solid foundation and relatively good development platform which could make these students and teachers become influential figures in the art world. We also call their works the potential stock. If you could really have the opportunity to buy this kind of work, these works still have the considerable appreciation potential.
    Now, let us tell you the characteristic of the original oil painting. The picture has meticulous touch. If you look at the back of the canvas under the bright light, you would find that the edge of objects in the painting would not be too neat. This is result in the uneven thickness. The main method for the painting testing is that you use your finger with a little water with to stick to the dark colors on the painting. If the rubbed places on your finger do not have any color, this would be the genuine oil painting. However, as we all know, ever coin has two side. On one hand the original painting has more value for collection. But the price would not be acceptable for most of us. On the other hand, the giclee canvas printing would be cheap enough and we could use them to decorate our house.